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Congratulations to our 2015 competition team

WELCOME to FARFAN'S TAEKWONDO Martial Arts in Arlington, Tx.

Taekwondo Martial Arts in Arlington


When you are looking for a quality martial arts school, look no further than FARFANS TAEKWONDO, a leader in the comminity and in the martial arts world.  We innovate. We deliver. 


FARFANS TAEKWONDO was founded in 2001 by our current Lead Instructor Erik Farfan. Since 2001 Mr. Farfan has trained, coached and developed elite level athletes resulting in district, regional, state, national and international champions. Farfan's Taekwondo is renowned as one of the best Olympic Taekwondo and Traditional Taekwondo training programs in North Texas.

Through the years we have evolved, but one thing remains unchanged – our passion for martial arts, our dedication to our students, and the integrity in our program.  We keep an old school mindset about training, yet constantly adapt to the evolution and progression of the art/sport of taekwondo aspiring to build champions in and out of the ring.